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Green Gyms: the up-and-coming trend that will re-shape fitness and the planet

For those who see the clinking of heavy weights and cramped indoor spaces of regular gyms as an undesirable level of intensity, the rising trend of Green Gyms might be the solution for you.

Housing an achievable exercise routine to exit the isolation spiral that was 2020, becoming involved in Green Gyms is an excellent way to re-enter the social sphere and reap the benefits of low impact exercise at the same time!

Recognising the importance of health and social interaction, Green Gyms are where a group of people work together to perform outdoor activities such as planting trees, weeding, clearing and constructing low-scale agricultural areas, and planting community vegetable gardens.

As we enter our older years, it’s important to find new ways in which we can maintain our physical and social health that meet our changing needs and abilities.

Green Gym does just this by incorporating low to moderate intensity exercise in a fun and social activity. You’ll barely notice yourself exercising while you do it!

Benefits of Green Gym for our health

  • Engaging in a social activity will reduce the undesirable side effects of social isolation such as loneliness and reduced cognitive function. This is particularly important for mature aged citizens because social isolation is a leading contributor to premature health issues and at extremes – death.
  • The low-impact nature of Green Gym activities supports the mobility and flexibility of one’s muscles and joints which is essential to maintaining optimal body health. The activities performed will also contribute to improved strength of the muscles that we need for everyday functions.
  • By learning new skills and working as a team to complete tasks, mental health benefits will also be triggered. These include improved self-esteem and confidence.

Benefits of Green Gym for the environment

  • By contributing to the renewal of green spaces, communities will benefit from increased oxygen creation and cleaning of CO2. There’s nothing better than a breath of crisp fresh air!
  • The planting of new trees and plants will in turn create new homes for animals and bugs that would otherwise have lost their natural environment due to urban development.

Every step counts when it comes to helping the environment, and now you can help your health at the same time by becoming involved with Green Gym!

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