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5 forms of exercise to do if you hate normal work outs

We don’t all enjoy the repetition and predictability of typical gym workouts, but this doesn’t mean we should forget about exercise altogether. Sometimes, more adventurous, and spontaneous exercises appeal to our interests. There are several benefits to including a variety of exercise formats in your routine. We share our Top  5 suggestions for alternative exercises that are worth considering and how you can reap these benefits.

  1. Walking

This is a great gym alternative when the commitment is too costly or inconvenient, or you simply prefer outdoor exercise. Good walking practices can range from quick walks around the block with music or a podcast, to a hike or nature walk with friends.

Benefits of walking include that it is low cost (free), easy to achieve, accessible almost anywhere, and good for clarity of mind. Even with a super busy lifestyle where little time is left for exercise commitments, simply taking yourself for a 10-30 minute walk each day or two can increase your physical and mental wellbeing.

  1. Zumba

To add a bit of spice in your life, consider taking a Zumba class. Often confused as a low-intensity experience solely for mothers’ groups, Zumba is actually a full-body workout combining cardiovascular fitness elements with body balance, strength and co-ordination.

Zumba is an advantageous exercise to weave into your routine because you’ll reap all the benefits of a full-body high intensity workout whilst letting loose to some good beats in a judgement free zone. Like walking, Zumba is also good for maintaining healthy physical mobility.

  1. Ultimate Frisbee

If you’re bored with mainstream forms of exercises and want to do something completely different, consider a sport like no other, Ultimate Frisbee. If you’re not already familiar, Ultimate Frisbee is a low-contact team sport like the concept of a soccer or football game, but instead with a frisbee disc thrown through the air.

Burn calories while increasing your physical endurance in the competitive comradery of Ultimate Frisbee fans. This form of exercise has strengths in boosting your mental health as well as offering good social interaction and teamwork elements of the sport.

  1. Swimming

This is an excellent exercise solution for anyone needing a low-impact sport. Easily achievable in an at-home or community pool, or even one of Australia’s iconic beaches, swimming can be performed recreationally as a light breaststroke to cool off on a hot day, or athletically in a routine of laps and stroke styles.

Surprisingly, swimming is regarded as one of the BEST possible exercise forms because it engages the cardiovascular system while working the muscles of the body, therefore providing a full body workout under a zero-impact setting. This means your joints and bones are not at risk of injury from shock-absorption.

  1. High ropes and Treetops Adventure

This is yet another out-of-the-box, team-involved sport. If you want a high-flying challenge, consider gathering a group of friends, or joining in on an organised team, for a high ropes course. This exercise is ideal for adventurers and daredevils alike.

Ropes and treetops courses are deceptively difficult, requiring balance, core strength and stability. This will engage your body’s systems in a way not usually triggered, giving your physical health a unique boost. You will not only benefit from the physical aspects, but you will also experience increased confidence and team-bonding skills.

Making sure you have a sustainable exercise routine that you love is an essential part of looking after our body’s health. Sometimes however, uncontrollable factors inhibit our physical health. If you find yourself resisting exercise due to mild joint pain, we recommend trying our Flexofytol supplement. Derived from the powers of turmeric, our supplement aims to reduce the symptoms of inflammation and pain in the joint systems.

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