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Natures anti-inflammatory

A bio-optimised extract of turmeric that may contribute to maintain joint flexibility and to limit the aging of the cartilage1

Highest bio-availability2

  • Very high bio-availability (2 pharmacokinetic clinical studies).2
  • Outstanding value – effective Curcumin dose is $1.67 per day

Highest solubility3

  • Highly soluble and bioavailable extract of Turmeric – standardised to 42mg of Curcumin Longa
  • 42mg per cap – 1 Flexofytol capsule = 950g raw Turmeric

Clinical data proves its efficacy

  • 13 clinical trials, 2,825 patients3
  • May help relieve joint pain3
  • May help relieve inflammation and joint pain associated with mild knee osteoarthritis
  • May increase joint motility and reduce joint stiffness associated with mild osteoarthritis4
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