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Cannabis & Hemp Products

Cannabis-based cosmetics:

Bod is formulating a range of cannabis-based cosmetic products with leading Swiss herbal extract company and exclusive partner, Linnea Pharma Solutions.

Our range under development includes a series of topical solutions – ideal for the treatment of inflammation and protection of sensitive skin. These include foam-based creams, serums and balms, utilising Linnea’s unique NioSkin™ formulation as an active ingredient and transporter of cannabis’ numerous benefits.


Hemp and Manuka honey cosmetics and health products:

Bod’s unique, high-methylglyoxal Manuka honey product blends the benefits of hemp and high grade Manuka honey – delivering a single source of essential fatty acids and high quality protein. This powerful fusion can assist our bodies in lowering stomach acids and reducing levels of acid reflux, combatting staph infections, improving sleep quality and tackling skin conditions such as acne and eczema.

We’re also using this remarkable hemp and Manuka honey combination to great effect in a range of cosmetics and other health-based solutions.


Medicabilis™ – Medicinal Cannabis (available in oil and wafer):

Another product in this sector is Bod Australia’s unique, proprietary and patent-protected cannabis sublingual wafer; we’re continuing our successful relationship with exclusive partner and late stage pharmaceutical company, iX Biopharma Limited, to bring this product to market.

The wafer utilises Linnea SA’s unique standardised, consistent cannabis extract, ECs315, along with iX Biopharma’s proprietary WaferiX™ technology. It’s designed to be placed under a patient’s tongue, dissolving within a minute to release the contained active compounds for the most effective bioavailability.