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Bioeffect Testimonials


“When my skin wants a reboot – or is simply feeling and looking less radiant than I’d like – this silky serum delivers results. It’s also my product of choice to use during fashion month, as the tiny vials are so perfectly portable to slip into my wash bag for trips to Milan and Paris.”

Nancy Elser – BIOEFFECT SERUM 15ml
I am ADDICTED. These are the best beauty products that I have ever used.

British Beauty Blogger – BIOEFFECT SERUM 15ml
I am absolutely thrilled with the result with no plans to deviate from using it any time soon, no matter how many other skin brands are vying for attention.

I have not been using this product for very long but I can say, without a doubt, that this is the best moisturizer that I have ever used! – BIOEFFECT SERUM 15ml
Our verdict? If you’re serious about anti-ageing without the needles, then this is for you.

Kristiina Raitala, Beauty Editor Gloria Magazine, Finland – BIOEFFECT SERUM 15ml
I have used the serum for over two months, when a colleague asks, if I’ve had a surgery done. Later the same week, a passing jogger shouts compliments to me and turns around to follow me. My skin has obviously understood the signals of the serum correctly.

Edwina Ings-Chambers, Sunday Times – BIOEFFECT BODY INTENSIVE
Fine lines on the décolletage disappear and skin feels firmer and softer. Go get it.

British Beauty Blogger – BIOEFFECT SERUM 15ml
I can, hand on heart, say it’s one of the very few that is worth the spend.

There is no doubt that this is one of the most potent skincare products that I have ever tried and I’m glad to see that the effect holds even after the treatment has been completed.

Latest in Beauty – BIOEFFECT SERUM 15ml
I wish I could say that it’s all a big con and that it made absolutely no difference to my skin. But the truth is, it does seem to do something a little bit magical. After using this for two weeks, for the first time in my entire life, someone commented on how great my skin looked.

Ingunn Bjornsdottir – BIOEFFECT SERUM 15ml
My beautician says my wrinkles have diminished and that my skin is no longer dry. Since I started using the BIOEFFECT Serum she claims I no longer need a facial which I believe to be pretty good results after only six months use.

Ingrid Suhr (64) – BIOEFFECT SERUM 15ml
At the age of 64 my skin after only 15 days already has a diffirent glow. Very impressed. As this is my first vial I’m really interested in seeing what my skin will be like in a few more weeks.

Karin Nordin, Solo magazine – BIOEFFECT SERUM 15ml
I‘ve used [BIOEFFECT SERUM] for two months and have now joined those who love it. The skin feels deeply moisturized and looks fresher.

To date, Bioeffect has been one of my most impressive serum tried in 2011. It is a wonderful moisturiser but that’s not what impresses me as you can get this with other products. I want to drench my whole face in it because it is very effective and gives me radiant youthful, line diminished skin and really delivered on its claims. If you want to treat those skin concerns effectively without resorting to medical procedures, then I whole -heartedly recommend this ‘miracle-like’ product.

Kotan Ozlem, Cosmopolitan – BIOEFFECT SERUM 15ml
After being introduced to BIOEFFECT and REYKJAVIK I never leave the product from my hand and the name of the city is never far from my tongue……

Elin (32) – BIOEFFECT SERUM 15ml
A fantastic product – immediate visible results.