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BIOEFFECT from Iceland is the future of skincare.  Fusing the latest scientific research with the natural power of plants BIOFFECT is the result of 10 years of biotechnology research.  BIOEFFECT skincare is based on the ground breaking cellular activator, a protein that speeds up the skins natural renewal process to rejuvenate the complexion and banish signs of ageing.  Creating skin cellular activators grown in barley seeds to ensure efficacy and purity, BIOEFFECT skincare products replenish, nourish, repair and bring a youthful radiance to even the most sensitive or stressed skin.

BIOEFFECT’s products have been developed in collaboration with leading specialists in biochemistry and dermatology.

10 Years of Biotechnology


As skin ages it becomes increasingly sensitive to chemicals, fragrances and many ingredients commonly used in high street cosmetics and skincare. That’s why BIOEFFECT’s focus on purity and the natural restorative and supportive properties of the skin is at the heart of our research and development. Inspired by the forces of nature and purity of the elements, our leading scientists have dedicated their efforts to produce a breakthrough serum that is leading the way in next generation anti-aging skincare.

In collaboration with leading specialists in biochemistry and dermatology we have successfully combined a unique cellular activator base formula with only the purest of application ingredients – no preservatives, fragrances or unessential chemicals – to create a product that enhances the serum’s powerful repairing activity and at the same time replenishes, moisturises, nourishes and renews, bringing fresh radiance to even the most stressed or sensitive skin.